Easy Asset Tracking

Categorize Your Assets

Easily define categories to group your assets into. Categories are customizable and we don't put a limit on how many you can create.

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Attach QR-Code to Device

Reftab allows you to print both QR-Codes and barcodes for free. Each asset gets its own code displaying its asset number next to it.

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Scan to View and Update

Our iOS and Android apps are completely free. Scanning is super fast and you can view, edit and check-out assets from anywhere.

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Apps for iOS and Android

  • Access item information from anywhere
  • Quick scanning
  • Track loans according to location
  • View asset images
  • Add new assets
  • Scans QR-codes and barcodes
  • Check assets in or out
  • Add comments to your assets

Our mobile apps are designed to be easy to use and reliable. Plus, scanning a barcode or QR-code is super fast. As soon as your asset appears you can immediately see who owns the asset and when it is due for return.

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Unlimited Reports

Build and save custom reports to view granular information on your assets. Then, export your results to an excel spreadsheet.

Custom Asset Types

With our easy to use category creator you can define virtually anything. Use field types such as: list, pre-defined, date and text to store different types of information.

Sub-User Accounts

Create additional Reftab accounts to allow others to help manage your assets. Define custom security roles to limit access to information.

Role Based Access Control

Define security roles for your sub-accounts. Control who can see, edit or hide data. Grant rights to run reports or loan assets.

Loan Tracking

Keep track of assets that have been lent out on both desktop and mobile devices. Loan transactions are saved, so you can view past loan history.

Import & Export Data

Our bulk import tool is easy to use and allows you to import both asset data and loanee data. Export all your data to Excel.

Barcodes & QR-Codes

You have the choice to use both barcodes and qr-codes when printing. You can also scan codes generated from other systems.

Asset Attachments

Have a user manual or document to associate with an asset? Upload it and attach it easily. Both images and documents are supported.

Location Management

All assets get assigned to a location to help keep things organized. You can easily swap assets between locations.

New Beta Feature! Automatically send email alerts to users in custody of overdue assets.

Get started by creating an account on our free tier. There is no credit card needed to sign up and you can start managing your assets right away.