How to configure and track unit costs in Reftab

Introducing Unit Cost Tracking – your key to tracking monetary value alongside equipment usage! This feature allows you to set your desired price per item (aka ‘unit cost’), and Reftab’s software will effortlessly calculates the real-time monetary value of every assignment. Imagine being able to view an end-user’s current equipment including, licenses, assets and accessories and seeing a total monetary value of all those items in once place. Gain unparalleled control over your resources by configuring this feature. It’s not just about assigning equipment; it’s about assigning value.

To utilize this feature, you must be subscribed to at least Reftab’s Pro plan. Log into Reftab as an administrator and click “Settings” > “Unit Cost Tracking

Next, select each field you’d like to use to hold unit costs per each resource in Reftab:

  • Assets
  • Accessories
  • Licenses
  • Kits

Configuring unit cost values for assets

If you do not have a monetary field already for assets, you will need to create a new, “monetary” field. Click “Asset Categories” and click “New Field

Name the field akin to “Cost value” and set the field type as “monetary

Next, edit any asset and set a value for your new, monetary field:

Configuring unit cost values for licenses

For example, to create a license field to store unit cost, click “Licenses” > “Custom Fields

Next click “Add Field

Next, name the field and set the type as “monetary” and save.

Next, edit any of your licenses and fill out a value that represents the value of each usage of the license seat. For example, if you purchase software that costs $12 per user, you can set a value of $12 into your field:

(Note: Every license in your account can have a different unit cost value – but will still utilize the same field.)

Next, you can check out the license to a user (if you have existing licenses checked out, these settings will still work – you will not have to re-assign anything)

Configuring unit cost values for accessories and kits

If you want to track a unit cost for kits and accessories, you will need to do the same as the above steps.

Viewing unit cost values

Next head back to “Settings” > “Unit Cost Tracking” and Select the field you created in the previous steps and click “Save System-wide Settings

Now, when viewing your users, you will be able to see the monetary value of the items assigned to them:

That’s it! Reach out to [email protected] for any questions.