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Hello and thanks for checking out the Reftab blog.

We recently released a major update. Actually, it was more like an entire site re-build. We completely re-did the front end along with a new UI. We re-wrote the entire site in Vue.Js which is amazing, and it’s going to make future updates lighting fast. We moved to a new hosting provider that provided greater scale-ability, speed and reliability.  Plus, we added a host of new features:

  1. Inventory tracking: licenses and accessory items can now be assigned to assets and loanees (borrowers).
  2. Automatic email alerts upon low quantity of inventory.
  3. Audit history of assets, licenses and accessory items on check in /check out.
  4. Expanded the asset tag print feature by adding more options, (custom text, font sizes etc etc)
  5. Added more options to report outputs, (.PDF, Excel, CSV, Print)
  6. New dashboard to see items due by day.
  7. View list of assets & loan status in one view.

Currently, we’re building a bulk edit feature. This will enable you to make changes to assets in bulk such as moving assets from one location to another.

We’re happy that these new changes will be beneficial to our users. If you have any suggestions for a feature, please email us at And thank you to all our customers for your amazing support!

All the best,

The Reftab Team


Latest News!


We’ve seen some amazing growth lately, thanks to all signing up! Here’s some info on what we’ve been up to…

Reftab has been working hard behind the scenes. We’re currently upgrading the entire desktop platform of our site. This will bring along some improved speed and smoother performance as well as some welcomed new features.

We’ve started developing a new front-end, working with Vue.Js. The new version will include a new UI and become more mobile responsive.  We’re also adding in two new features: Inventory and Licenses. Both of which are trackable but not necessarily something you would stick a bar-code or QR-code onto.

Inventory will be a place to store a count of items such as cables, adapters  and other such parts. You’ll be able to loan out an inventory item and Reftab will keep track of the number available and the number left before depleting.

Licenses can be entered and tracked as well. You can store how many seats you’ve purchased and to whom a license is in use by and/ or what asset it’s associated with. Reftab will also keep track of the amount allocated before being fully used up.

We’ll also be integrating email notifications to these features. You can be notified when a specific number is reached on the amount of used licenses or accessory items.

No official release date has been devised, but currently well into development.

Stay tuned for more. Thank you!

Custom Access Rights

After many long months we’ve gone live with our newest feature: Custom Access Rights

Before this update, there were two kinds of rights you could assign to your sub-accounts: Editor and Viewer. We still have these as available options but now you can create your own access rights.

For example, you can create a role that only allows a sub-account to have access to one location. Or you can have a role that allows access to all your locations, but hides only one of your fields. You can even block off entire categories for your sub-accounts. Furthermore, you can restrict the right to run reports or the ability to check assets in and out. These roles can get pretty granular, but they are powerful and add a new level of security to your information. Plus, you can create as many roles as you like.

With this update, there is a change which affects all of our subscription tiers: any sub-account who is a “viewer” no longer has the ability to check assets in or out. They can still view asset loan information, but we’ve removed their ability to loan assets. We figured this more aligns with “viewer” rights. If you need your sub-account user to loan assets, you will have to give them “edit” rights.

Thanks for reading our update. Please reach out to us at for any questions.

Check out our YouTube channel where you can view this new feature, along with our other features: Reftab YouTube Channel




New Field Type – Defined Lists

This week you will notice a new field type added to the categories page called “Pre-populated List”. This is a field type that will allow you to pre-define selections that will appear in a drop-down list when a user creates a new asset or edits a new asset.

We had a few asks lately over a field that could be used to set true / false or condition & service statuses of assets. So we built a system that could be customizable to fit both needs.

Over the next couple of days the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store will have the latest updated app that includes support for these new field types.

Lastly, you may see the ability to print barcodes from a locations page.  We are doing a rolling release of barcode printing ability to support more customization which we will be actively working on this week.

Reftab can read barcodes!

The Reftab mobile has been updated this week to include support for barcodes. With this new update you can scan linear barcodes that use numbers only (In the future we’ll support letters and numbers).

We’ve also changed the app so that you can scan QR-codes and barcodes that have been generated by other programs. However, you still need an asset in your Reftab account that uses the asset number you’re scanning. In other words, this means that you no longer have to print barcodes from the Reftab site in order to scan them. If you have pre-made barcodes and QR-codes on your assets already, you can continue to use them without having to replace them with a new code, you just need to import those assets into your Reftab account.

With that said, we are going to release an update to the Reftab site that will allow you to print bar codes for your assets. Stay tuned for that if you require barcode printing support, it is coming soon.


Latest Reftab Updates


This past weekend we launched some great new updates to our service. Due to the many requests we get in, one of the major updates was a new “loanees” page. This page stores a list of people you want to check out assets to, called loanees. This makes it easier and more accurate to check out assets to the same people. Also, from within this page you can click on any loanee’s name and view current assets they have checked out.

If you had an account set up prior to this update, anyone you’ve ever checked out an asset to will be automatically added to this new loanee page. However, only assets checked out from this update forward will show as currently checked out when you click on a loanees name, but they will still appear on the loans page.

Other updates we’ve made:
– The UI got a complete overhaul.
– You can view all “in” assets from the Loans page instead of having to create a report.
– We’ve added a site tour for new users.

And lastly, we’ve updated our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Please take a moment to read it over.

We’ve got more updates in the works to bring new features and better functionality to our users. As always, feel free to email us any requests, we always strive to build the best product for your needs.


Exporting Assets

We’ve recently launched one of our newest, and most important feature: exporting assets. This allows you to export your entire list of assets into an Excel sheet. It works beautifully and is super easy to use.

This saved a friend of mine from doing a ton of extra work recently. He works in IT and had to go to one of his client sites to help re-inventory their computers. He had to put new asset tags on each computer and document the serial number. Without Reftab he would of had to do all this by hand. Since he already had an excel sheet of all the equipment, I told him of a way he could use Reftab to help him out.

First, he uploaded the excel sheet into Reftab. This  allowed him to scan each asset and view each computer’s serial number on his phone. Then, as he was putting new asset tags on each computer, he would simply edit the information by adding in the new asset tag number. Once completed he then exported all the assets into Excel which now included the new asset tag numbers with each computers serial number.

This killed two birds with one stone by allowing him to update the asset information while he was in front of each computer putting new tags on them. Otherwise, he would have had to write down the information on paper and then transfer it into an Excel sheet.

I’m happy that already this could help someone out!

A Day In The Life

This week I was getting a new employee set up with a desktop. I had to find a computer in this room:


I wanted to find a desktop that had 8GB of RAM. That would not have been too fun if i had to turn on the computers individually, or had to look up each serial number. So all I did was scanned the machines with the Reftab app until I found what I needed. Which all took under a couple minutes.

See that computer above with the red circle around it? There’s a white label with an asset number on it. I scanned that and found the following information:


I changed the information around so I could post this to our blog. But what made this so easy was that all the information was right there for me. I also needed to assign this new desktop to the new employee, all i did was edit the field “User” that you see above. Now everyone in the office knows who this computer belongs to.

There are two things that really make this incredible:

1) First, the asset number labels on each of the devices had been there from our old inventory system. I just imported that into Reftab and automatically hundreds of asset information was at my fingertips.

2) Second, my job of updating our inventory took seconds. Literately seconds to both look up and finish updating our office inventory. It is no longer a hassle now to keep inventory up-to-date!

Thanks for reading!


Would I Use This?

One of the best ways to validate a a product is to ask yourself if you would use it.

I already use Reftab. Today someone asked me, “hey I’m developing for an iOS app and i need an iPad, preferably 4th gen or later.” I said, “okay” and immediately picked up the iPad that was on my desk (we’ve got 4 but their spread all over the place).



I input the asset # into the Reftab app and got all the information I could possibly want right in front of me.

iPad Asset View500

Granted it was not 4th gen – it was 3rd gen, still I was able to quickly move on and get the right equipment in a faster more organized way than I had before.


1. I didn’t even have to do any work to get our over 400 items imported into Reftab. I just used our Import feature . The sticker you see above was from a legacy system. I didn’t even have to make any changes to our physical assets.

2. After I found the iPad to lend out, I was able to document it as checked out. Now everyone knows who has this iPad.

This is only one example of what Reftab can do, but it serves as a great reminder to me how well this product works.  I hope it will serve as a reason for you to try this product and see for yourself.

Easy Asset Look Up

Did you know there are multiple ways to look up an asset on your mobile device?
That’s right, there are three ways:

1. scan the QR code
2. input the asset ID #
3. Search by title of asset

Easy! We’ve built it like this for more flexibility. We want you to be able to get the information you need as quickly as possible. If you want more information on something but you’re not near it, just type in the title and the information will appear. And please, stop searching through spread sheets 😉