The Ultimate Asset Tracking and Management Solution | Reftab


Are you looking for the ideal asset-tracking platform that not only handles the basics of assigning equipment to users but also propels your organization toward seamless automation and complexity management? Enter Reftab โ€“ a powerhouse platform that transcends ordinary asset management systems, propels you into IT professionalism and heightened automation capabilities.

Simplifying the Essentials

At its core, Reftab excels in executing fundamental asset management tasks with unparalleled ease. Users can effortlessly, assign equipment, manage location sites, and peruse a comprehensive list of assets allocated to specific users. This encompasses software licenses, accessories, kits, and more. What sets Reftab apart is its decade-long dedication to perfecting these functions, ensuring they are intuitive and user-friendly.

One of the standout features of Reftab is its ability to seamlessly integrate with various device management platforms. For example, Intune, Jamf, Meraki, Mosyle, Lansweeper, SCIM Provisioning, LDAP, Single Sign-On, and offer an open API, among others. Additionally, it consolidates data from sources like CDW for pre-purchases and manufacturers such as Dell for warranty lookups. This offers a single-pane-of-glass view of your assets’ lifecycles.

Elevating Beyond the Basics

However, what truly distinguishes Reftab is its capacity to navigate the intricate landscapes of complex business logic and track assets from procurement to disposal. As your company expands into new initiatives, Reftab shines by offering specific automation, custody verifications, and robust procurement tracking. These functionalities catapult an ordinary system into an extraordinary one, empowering users to handle intricate workflows effortlessly. Here are some examples:

Workflow Builder for Automation

Reftab’s workflow builder emerges as a multifaceted tool capable of automating diverse tasks. From sending email alerts, to managing equipment-specific information, maintenance schedules, auditing, and more.

Custody Verifications for Accountability

The platform’s automated custody verification system simplifies equipment auditing by allowing end-users to confirm ownership and condition, streamlining accountability processes.

Maintenance Management Made Easy

Efficiently handle calibrations, repairs, and safety inspections with Reftab’s customizable maintenance forms, reminders, and reporting features, ensuring equipment maintenance is never overlooked.

Customizable Procurement Tracking

By leveraging customizable forms, Reftab streamlines procurement, triggering requests, opening tickets for your help-desk, and capturing essential data, all consolidated within the platform.

The Ultimate Advantage

Reftab demonstrates its capability in not just simplifying the straightforward aspects of asset tracking but also in helping organizations that need to smoothly transition into managing more complex requirements. It empowers users to handle evolving organizational demands with ease. In it’s essenece, Reftab caters to simple as well as complex asset-tracking needs.

While several platforms handle the rudimentary tasks of asset management, Reftab goes above and beyond. Its ability to simplify complexity sets it apart, making it the top choice for organizations aiming to manage their assets effortlessly.

Don’t settle for the ordinary โ€“ elevate your asset-tracking experience with Reftab. Experience how this exceptional platform simplifies complexity, and helps your organization stay ahead of the curve in managing its valuable assets.

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