Reftab’s Spring 2023 Release Notes

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Hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read Reftab’s latest release notes. We’ve been working hard and are excited to introduce new features and updates!

New Feature

Equipment Requests – Available on the Business Plan, equipment requests allow users to submit general requests for equipment. For example, if a student wants a camera or an employee wants a monitor or someone needs a group of tools for a job site, they can request these items at the category level. Prior to this update, users needed to search and find specific equipment to reserve.

We heard that this created situations where certain equipment was being reserved more than others, or it was too cumbersome for some users to find equipment in the portal, or equipment was available but the user didn’t know it.

This update greatly eases the process for the end user because now they can simply enter a quantity of what they want and when it’s needed by.

Administrators can then approve or deny (which include email notices). If approved, the Reftab admin can select the specific items from stock and fulfill the request through a reservation or check out.

There are two ways to submit a request:

  • Public Request Pages: You can create a public page, share the URL with anyone you want and anyone with access can submit a request. You can customize these pages and create an unlimited amount of public pages.
  • Requesting Equipment from the User Portal: The alternative to public request pages, is allowing users to request equipment from the user portal. If a user clicks on a category that has no assets in it, they will see a notice saying “Click Here to Request Equipment”. 

Approval Workflows

Equipment requests are currently in phase one. The Reftab team is now working on building approval workflows. 

Approvals will allow you to set a procedure that places requests in rounds of approvals before an item is purchased or given to someone. (At this time, we don’t have an accurate estimate on when approvals will be released but we will keep everyone updated.)

We want to hear from you! Please reply to this email (or email ‘[email protected]‘) for any feedback and suggestions on equipment requests / approvals.

See FAQ Here:

PDF Generated Forms for Custody Verification and Asset Check Outs

Reftab can now automatically generate PDF files containing loan signatures and agreement text.

These PDFs can generate when an asset is checked out and a signature is required and/or when a custody verification form is submitted.

This is a major update that allows administrators to establish better compliance with company equipment agreements because it completely automates the process of capturing, formatting and saving employee agreements. This is important because these agreements may outline acceptable use policies and other types of agreements between an organization and a user.

Prior to this update, a signature was still saved to the system but there was no downloadable, tangible connection between a signature from a user, and the agreement.

See FAQ Here

New Integration: Lansweeper

Reftab now offers an integration with Lansweeper. If you’re not familiar with Lansweeper it is a network discovery tool used by IT departments to discover what’s connected to a corporate network.

The integration we provide takes devices found from Lansweeper and adds them into Reftab.

Let us know if any questions and we’ll be happy to help. If you’re an existing Lansweeper user and want to participate in a case study, please reach out!

Updates to integrations: Intune / Jamf / Mosyle / Kandji

Reftab’s MDM integrations now map to assets in Reftab via serial number in conjunction with the respective unique identifies (Azure AD Device ID, jamfid, etc…)

This is a major update because prior to this, if a laptop was wiped and re-enrolled, a new unique identifier was created and thus when synced to Reftab, a new asset was created. However, with this update Reftab now looks for an existing serial number and if found, maps to that asset instead of creating a new asset. This is a major time-saver and ensure data stays organized across systems.

Consumables Can Now be Reserved

You can now reserve consumables. Prior to this update, consumables could only have transactions done to them and there was no way for users to reserve them. This update now expands the use case of consumables and can ultimately meet more needs of your business use-cases and requirements. Also note, consumables now display in the user portal as well.

Multi-Tenancy Update: Reporting Across Tenants

Reporting across tenants is now possible. If you’re a Reftab user with multi-tenancy setup, it is now possible to run a report to pull assets across all tenants.

To do this, log into your main tenant and go to the Reports page. Setup a new assets report and you’ll see a checkbox “Report across all tenants”. If that is checked, the report will return assets from all tenants.

Update to Windows Agent

The Reftab installable agent for Windows has been updated so that you can supply an asset ID during installation. Prior to this update, the agent would install and generate an asset ID from the guid.

Thank You!

Thank you for your continued support! As we always say, we build our platform based upon feedback we hear. So please do let us know any suggestions and keep us informed on how Reftab can further meet your needs. 

Thank you and have an enjoyable summer!