How to Handle Rental Equipment Cleaning and Maintenance

When renting cameras and equipment how are you able to ensure they are always performing at their peak? There are multiple steps that need to be taken every single time a camera leaves your inventory. The biggest issue we’ve seen is being sure every employee handles the cleaning and maintenance the same way. In this post we are going to cover how we’ve solved this problem.

The Problem

Last week, in was speaking with one of our clients we found a common problem they were facing. This specific client handles loaning camera equipment to Loanees within their organization. The problem they were looking to solve involved a specific process when these cameras were returned. They had a specific step by step check that needed to be completed.

  1. Check that the camera turns on
  2. Clean Camera
  3. Check Lens Cap
  4. Attach Lens Cap

Once this check is completed, the camera can then be placed back into the inventory and is ready for loan. The issue came up that not all employees were completing this check. The solution we came to was to implement Reftab’s Automated Workflows with our Maintenance Feature.

The Solution

Our Automated Workflows allow you to automatically handle certain actions within Reftab. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to implement this feature. The first step to this was to prevent this asset from being checked out if it wasn’t inspected. To do this we created a status label of “Inspection Required.” If the status label “Inspection Required” is applied you are unable to loan the asset.

After the status label was created, we created a Maintenance Form of “General Cleaning.” This form included the 4 steps above along with an electronic signature field. I felt we were ready to test this functionality so I scheduled a zoom call and we built a workflow together.

The workflow is going to be triggered each time an asset is returned. However, since Digital Cameras aren’t the only assets being returned and this form is specifically for Digital Cameras, we needed a condition. The condition we included was to check the Asset Category, this would allow us to only apply the status label and maintenance form IF a Digital Camera is returned.


This particular client has implemented the workflow and is working towards perfecting the process. We’ll work to keep our blog followers updated with this story. If you have a similar story we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to email [email protected] with your story and we’ll feature you and your business in one of our upcoming posts.

As always, if you have a specific process that you need worked through, please email [email protected] with your needs. We’ll sit down with you personally and build a specific workflow that will benefit your business. As a business, Reftab would be nothing without your support, in return we are here to support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out, we are always happy to help!