NEW: Asset Depreciation / Additional Reminder Emails


Reftab has been working hard to deploy some new and useful features to the platform. A lot of what we do is based upon user requests and feedback. We’re happy to announce the below are now live in Reftab:

  1. Asset Depreciation is now live. Depreciation is calculated using US GAAP rules for depreciation.
  2. Email subject lines are now customizable
  3. Reservation reminder emails can be customized as a scheduled jobs, allowing you to alert users before, during and after a scheduled reservation. You can create as many of these notices as you need.
  4. The iOS and Android mobile apps have been updated with a new “Scan to Field” setting. This allows you to scan serial number barcodes to add to your asset instead of typing the serial number manually.
  5. Reports have been updated to report on loan check out and return dates. For example, you can now run automated reports on every asset returned or checked out in a relative time (next week, last week, next month etc..)
  6. New Avery Label size: 6576
  7. Bulk edit asset images. You can now select multiple assets at once and apply an image to all of them.

Thank you very much! We are always working on new features to make the platform more efficient and useful for our users. If you have any suggestions feel free to email us at: [email protected] and we’ll do our best to work with you to improve the platform.