IT Advantages: Simple Procurement Tracking in Asset Management Software

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In the domain of IT asset management, combining procurement and approval management within a unified asset management platform marks a substantial enhancement in operations. Reftab’s asset management and procurement tracking platform accomplishes this quite well and is a welcomed addition amongst IT administrators. Particularly for IT admins using device management tools such as Intune, Jamf, etc., having the ability to track purchase requests and manage approval routing, significantly improves automation that so many IT admins desire. Reftab has combined asset management with procurement and as a result, centralized the entire lifecycle of IT assets within a modern, user-friendly system.

In this guide we’ll discuss Reftab’s approach to:

Enhanced IT Asset Management with Procurement Tracking

1. Automated Approval Workflows

By housing procurement and approval management within Reftab, IT departments can give end users the ability to request equipment easily. Reftab gives you a “Flow Builder”. A Flow Builder allows you to build approval steps that outline your exact business processes. For example a request for new software, (or access to existing software) can begin with a user browsing a custom catalog that displays images and details of current software and hardware available. The user can either see what is offered or request for brand new software. Once they submit the request an email can first go to their manager. If the manager approves, another email is sent to the IT department. By doing so the IT department already knows that the person’s manager approves the request and IT can fulfill. If you have a ticketing system, you can have an email automatically send to create a ticket as well.

Here’s an example of a simple approval flow that can be setup within Reftab:

2. Comprehensive Asset Lifecycle Tracking

The integration facilitates holistic tracking of IT assets throughout their lifecycle. From the initial request to purchase, deployment, maintenance, and eventual disposal, (or in the case of software – revoking access) every stage is seamlessly documented within Reftab. This comprehensive tracking ensures accountability and visibility at every step, optimizing asset utilization and minimizing losses due to inefficiencies.

Administrative Advantages of Implementing Approval Flows

1. Effortless Device Management

The synergy between asset management and IT device tracking tools simplifies device management. With information flowing seamlessly between systems, IT professionals can easily monitor and manage the status, location, and usage of devices without the hassle of navigating through multiple platforms.

2. Reduced Manual Intervention

Eliminating the need for manual data entry or transfer between systems minimizes errors and saves time. The automation of processes within Reftab’s asset management system ensures accuracy in asset records and reduces the burden on IT staff, allowing them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

For example, most of the data about equipment is already known before it’s purchased, such as: model, cost, brand, specs, etc. All this data can be captured and used to automatically create an inventory record. When the item arrives, you already have the asset in Reftab and it’s ready to be given to the requesting user.

3. Improved Compliance and Security

Centralizing IT asset management within Reftab bolsters compliance efforts. Through comprehensive tracking, companies can ensure that all access to software and physical devices meet regulatory standards. Furthermore, enhanced visibility over assets fortifies cybersecurity measures by enabling prompt identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities.


In conclusion, integrating procurement and approval management processes within an asset management platform, especially for IT assets, offers unparalleled benefits to organizations. The seamless connectivity with device management tools and vendor networks transforms the IT asset lifecycle into a well-coordinated, automated, and efficient process.

By leveraging Reftab, companies can not only streamline operations but also enhance compliance, bolster security measures, and optimize resource utilization. Embracing a unified system for IT asset management, procurement, and approval management is pivotal for businesses aiming to navigate the complexities of modern IT landscapes effectively.

How-to Guide

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